Friday, May 05, 2006

Sidebar Shakeup

UPDATED: Winners posted!

Sorry, I'm a little late with this, but I made a couple changes to the sidebar:

1. Since the Cincinnati Reds have continued to engage in their annoying habit of winning most of their games, I have decided to use the "Brewers Magic Number Watch" area to track my softball statistics. That will continue until such time that the Reds revert to form and the Brew Crew returns to their rightful place atop the NL Central.

This decision was made easier by the fact that I put up some pretty gaudy numbers in last night's double header.

2. KAR has joined the 101st Fighting Keyboardists (FAQ here), and I have installed its blogroll under the heading "Drowning Them in Their Own Flava". This was a natural decision for us, since we don't think much of the whole "Chickenhawk" meme, and even less of the drooling carbon based life-forms that use it. Plus a certain "moderately" left blogger "thinks" it's an idea worthy of ridicule. Given his track record of being wrong about just about everything (stemming from the fact that he obviously gets a lot of his information from biased sources, and his view that having a "friend who is a lawyer" is the same thing as being one), the 101st Keybee idea is very likely right on the mark.

3. For some reason, the installation 101st Keybees blogroll knocked the MOBroll off the sidebar. I cannot get it back up, which is more or less OK by me, since there are one or two blogs on the MOBroll who I'd just as soon not link. However, there are several blogs on the MOBroll which I read and to which I do like to link. That means the prestigious "Rainbow of Flavaz" blogroll will undergo a rare expansion.

The candidates for installation are:

Mobange (Primarily as a substitute for the MOBroll)

Psycmeister (Because he has the coolest handle in the MOB)

Residual Forces (Beecuz Andy kneads teh luv)

Captain's Quarters (Because KAR is currently the only right-leaning blog that has no link to CQ)

Centrisity (Token lefty blog - and maker of improvident bets resulting in lots of free beer for me)

Hammerswing75 (Because Uncle Ben desperately wants to be on the ROF blogroll)

When I make my decision, I'll update this post, listing which blogs made the cut.

UPDATE: Here are the winners, who will be bestowed with the honor of a spot among the Rainbow of Flavaz:

Residual Forces
And MDE, even though he wasn't on the original list of candidates due to a clerical error.

Congratulations to all who made it.

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