Monday, May 22, 2006

So Long And Thanks For All The Sisyphus Open Threads


You're one of the three people that typically clicks through when Jeff Fecke poops on me. I thought you folks were supposed to be the intellectually curious ones.

Or maybe Jeffie is the only "person" that reads his blog.

In any event, as usual, the Nutless Wonder has once again piffled off a half truth about someone in order to slime them. "Them," in this case, is me. But then what else would you expect from a castrated self-loathing male twit that typically informs himself with half the story?

Anyway, he's trying to make you think that I quit blogging and banned him from my comments because I can't handle his contrary opinions or some such BS. To wit: this is the post he intended you to go to. If that were all you had to go on, you'd think that I was some sort of thin-skinned crybaby. Of course, that's what Jeffie intended. Because he's a twit.

You'll note by looking at the sidebar archive links that blogging here did not cease that day in May, but rather, has been quite robust since. That's because I "quit" to teach little Jeffie a lesson. You see, he is smug, insulting and annoying. He doesn't want to engage you in "debate" as he's fond of saying, he just wants to make others look bad to build himself up with his half-informed unfunny snarks. I pulled the plug on KAR to show him just how popular and well-received his "contributions" to the public discourse, such as it is, were. I also wanted to make him feel like shit. I'm pretty sure it worked, although I'm equally sure Jeffie would offer a different story.

But then his post - which led to this one - pretty much shows what kind of cred he has.

Oh that was fun. A few people made themselves look really petty that day. I named all but one of them in advance. It wasn't pretty (check to comments to this post for a fine illustration).

But if you still don't believe me, ask yourself this: how come Little Balless Jeffie invoked my ire and was banned, while the likes of Smartie and rew, Mark Gislason, Cleversponge and others who disagree with me on a host of things are welcome here?

It's something other than "not being able to handle disagreement". It's because he's a twit. And the post that brought you here proves that.

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