Monday, May 22, 2006

So Long And Thanks for All the Sisyphus Open Threads

You know, Jeff Fecke is right: if I have the temerity to engage in a hobby where I and my cohorts publish our opinions, observations and spleen venting for all the world to see, we should be obligated to "debate" those who feel the need to challenge us (no matter how banal that challenge is). It's an implicit admission of being in the wrong to not address a series of snotty, self-righteous comments on their merits (no matter how banal those merits may be).

No matter how many times I mention it it always seems to be ignored by some idiot who has ordained himself as the "Truth and Sanity Police" (using, of course, his own self-serving definitions of both) of the blogosphere: The purpose of this blog is to 1) Have fun; 2) Rant at people and things that annoy us; and 3) have fun. The purpose of this blog was never to: A) engage in "debate".

The purpose of a "debate" is either to persuade or to at least arrive at some clarity of some issue. I have found that the one common trait of those who leave contentious comments here (and at many many other blogs) is that they are neither capable nor desirous of persuasion or clarity.

So "debate" in this context is a pointless exercise, no? And a colossal waste of time. And for me, free time to engage in a hobby is purchased at a premium.

So we generally avoid "debate". If you have read this blog for any length of time, that is probably manifestly obvious. But there are some people are incapable or unwilling to accept that.

The comments for this blog were intended to be either used for free-wheeling good natured smack or audience participation snark. They were not intended for some self-esteem deficient slugs to score personal points (in their own minds anyway) at someone else's expense. I suppose you could say that because we have used some creative tactics when policing comments to get this point across, that it makes us "wimps" or "thin-skinned."

So be it.

You'll notice I used the past tense in that last graf. That was intentional.

I'm done. Outta here. A spark on the horizon. I don't need this crap anymore. I have more important things to worry about. You would think that everybody does.


P.S. This by no means means that the 2nd Annual Millard Fillmore Memorial KAR-Nation Open Championship Golf Outing Classic (Hosted by LearnedFoot doing a bad David Feherty impersonation) is canceled.

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