Friday, May 19, 2006

Sometimes You Win. Sometimes You Lose. Sometimes, It Rains.

Why, oh why do people continue to ignore my sports cred? If the poll was any indication, you folks out there so desperately want to take me down a notch that you are willing to be so fantastically wrong. Out of the 14 voters recorded by the poll (an anemic turnout, yet one still statistically significant enough to be used by Zogby), a plurality of 36% - 5 deluded souls - thought that Kevie's team would win the big Smackdown in E-Town. A whopping 78% "thought" that the outcome would be someting other than a win for my team.

As Bobo would say: "Silly bitches!"

The correct poll answer was "Team Ecker will lose pursuant to the mercy rule by the 5th inning." Actually, we relegated Kevie's team in the 6th, but for some reason, I didn't include that as an answer choice. The correct (correctest) answer only got 1 vote.

From me.

But hey, I didn't exactly light it up last night. But then again, Kevie was pitching (all the while wearing batting gloves on both hands - he's a meathead, but at least he looked good) and gave up 22 runs (final score was 22 to 7, and the mercy rule kept it from getting any worse.)

And I can't let it pass without noting that rew was wrong. Yet again.

Beer won tastes twice as good as beer earned.

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