Friday, May 19, 2006

A Time for Dialogue

Today I join the growing chorus of those calling for W to open a dialogue with the maniacal president of Iran. What brought me to the other side is this article.

Unlike the naysayers quoted in the article, I don’t think President Mahmoud Nut-Job Ahmadinejad’s intensions are completely honorable.

I’m convinced that his only reason for wanting to identify Jews and Christians is so the predominately Muslim population will give them the respect and human dignity they so deserve.

When will you people conclude, as I now have, that Ahmadinejad didn’t mean it when he said Israel should be wiped off the earth? Can’t you take a joke? Have you never heard of political rhetoric?

And this Rabbi Marvin Hier character is way out of line bringing up the Holocaust and comparing the duly elected Iranian President to Hitler.

No one is proposing that Jews wear the Star of David, just a simple strip of yellow cloth.

Get off his back. It’s his country and if Ahmadinejad wants non Muslims to wear colored cloth so the rest of the citizenry can defer to them, so be it.

So, I call on W to invite President Ahmadinejad to Camp David for a weekend retreat – away from the prying eyes of the press that ruined Paul McCartney’s marriage – and take him for a walk in the woods to discuss reestablishing relations.

I wonder how well Ahmadinejad can “dialogue” with the barrel of a Sig Sauer P226 lodged in his fucked-up Muslim maw.

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