Thursday, May 11, 2006

Tina Turner Can Teach Us a Lot About Why American Idol Sucks

We don't need another [posing diva-like plastic cookie-cutter dime-a-dozen pseudo-R&B forgettable disposable pop garbage purveying] hero. --Tina Turner

Yet another season of American Idol is all but lost. Once again, in their fine tradition of lowest-common-denominatorism, AI fans ousted the one singer - Chris Doughtry - who might appeal to people other than 16 year-old girls, in favor of a couple of overwrought warblers who, while completely boring and rote, can sustain a note for several measures. Well, Taylor Hicks is still there - the only one left on this gosh-forsaken show that departs from the stupefyingly boring norm.

And he'll be gone next week. Because everybody knows that pop "music" is more about how long the singer can warble a note without his or her voice cracking than it is about entertaining the audience.

Pure. Utter. Crap.

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