Friday, May 12, 2006

Top 11 Other Assertions Made By the DFL Senate Blog That Turned Out to Be Untrue

Yeah, KAR has a new dartboard. And if Tim "MDE Is Not A Real Blog" O'Brien doesn't give this the same treatment he gave the Minnesota Democrat Exposer, he will be mocked mercilessly in the Blog Mart very soon.

NOTE: The following items may be totally made up based on my closely held stereotypes of the Cranially Deficient-Based community.

11. John Kerry is a charismatic leader with a lot of ideas!

10. We are only interested in the truthful discussion of issues.

9. In 2004, there was widespread Republican voter fraud in Ohio and Florida...

8. ...And the elections in Wisconsin and Washington State were totally clean.

7. Chris Doughtery is so totally gonna win American Idol!

6. Mark Dayton is so totally NOT Minnesota's contribution to the mental health profession.

5. We have the smartest commenters in the whole world!

4. I rarely read the Kool Aid Report, never find it amusing, and I am totally not attracted to LearnedFoot.

3. Norwegianity is a great blog.

2. Amy Klobachar is the Hennepin County Attorney

1. Bush lied!!!!!

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