Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The big 200 are getting a bit defensive

I guess we’ve hit a nerve. By “we” I mean those standing against the 203 guilt-ridden elites who want income taxes raised across the board because they don’t think they pay enough. The Star & Sickle printed the evidence today.

Two Johns F. Hetterick of Plymouth is offended by the way people have reacted to the preposterous add purchased by the radical, Leftwing Growth & Justice organization.

You’ll understand if I shed no tears for the woefully misguided John F Hetterick. He, like the rest of the signers is a brain-dead moron laboring under the illusion that we, all of us, are not taxed enough.

John asks a few rhetorical questions in his letter to the PHPs, but I cannot let them go without answering:

How did it become "liberal" to want our state to invest in education, health care and transportation? Using the word “invest” as the Liberal euphemism for “butt raping tax increases”.

When did it become "liberal" to want to invest in our children's future? I am investing in the future of my kids and the kids of may others via the butt raping taxes I pay every time I get a pay check.

What is "liberal" about proposing a fair shared way to invest an additional $2 billion per year in our state's future? Good God, John, you are already counting the money before you rip it from us using the butt raping tax increase you love so much.

Again, John, the solution is both simple and easy: Stick a crowbar in your wallet and send the state that extra money you obviously don’t need. But keep your fucking hands off my money.

I pay the city, county, state and federal governments enough and, frankly, I’m damned sick and tired of busting my ass so thankless pricks who do nothing but scream for welfare rights can get more of that money.

Fuck you and fuck all of them.

I’m doing all I can to support my family on one income so my wife, not your precious government, can stay at home with our children. So don’t you go giving me some piece of shit guilt trip about not wanting to “invest” in our children’s future?

Fuck you, again.

My wife and I are doing everything in our power, not government’s power, to give our kids the best chance at success. So shut your shit-filled mouth about all of us needing to do more.

Bottom line: make the state the sole beneficiary of your estate and take a flying leap off the High Bridge so they can receive the funds.

But before you go: Fuck you, again.

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