Monday, June 12, 2006

Ellison Update

Yesterday my future Congressman entered the viper’s den, as his old friend Louis Farrakhan might have called it, the Beth El Synagogue in St. Louis Park, and pulled the wool over their eyes.

He told the gathering, “I've always been a friend of the Jewish community. [ed - and I treat them just like they’re real people.]

Ellison also said, “I wasn't proud of my work with the Nation of Islam, [ed – but my long-time association with its leader Louis Farrakhan, the most misunderstood man on the planet, was a wonderful time in my life.]

Ellison did not address whether he would remove the knife he stuck in Rich Stanek’s back that helped derail his career.

His message to voters is: Vote for me because I’ve changed.

His message to Stanek is: Screw the white guy because he can’t change.

My message to Ellison is: Screw the two-faced political hack who’s willing to say anything in order to get his ass in a seat in Congress.

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