Friday, June 23, 2006

Even More on the Moron Millionaires

Except they aren’t morons, at least not in the micro sense of this particular dust up. But they are still morons in the macro sense of Socialism in general.

Let me explain: In Wellstone-like fashion the 203 millionaire-spenders-of-other-people’s money are decrying tax system they say needs changing. And they want to change it in a way that will cost them more money.

The deceased subject of the WWWD bumper stickers did the same in regard to PAC money. He vowed not to take any, but it wasn’t long before he was traveling the country sucking up dollars at every stop. Why? Because it was the only way he could hold onto the seat he cherished.

Taking the dollars while apologizing for taking the dollars was his MO.

These hyper-guilty Lefties are doing much the same.

There is nothing keeping any of these jerks from writing a check to Minnesota’s general fund, but they won’t do it. Instead, they buy a newspaper add, costing well over $20,000, asking the Legislature to use the force of law to take the money from them.

That is at the crux of their brilliance.

Now they can parade around telling lowest among us that they tried. Damn how they tried to have their taxes increased, but the evil Republicans in charge of the House and Governor’s office wouldn’t do it.

Fucking brilliant, or is it?

What these bozos fail to recognize is that the world has changed dramatically over the past several years. People are better informed. More and more are invested in the stock market through 401K accounts and the like. There are communication vehicles called talk radio, the Internet with a subset called the Blogosphere, among others. And we use these vehicles to illustrate the folly of Left.

People see through these preposterous proposals. Just look at today’s Star & Sickle, of the three letters printed on the subject only one is in favor. Now, either the Star & Sickle has turned over a new leaf, or those in favor of having their taxes raised at the instance of multi-millionaires are a smaller group than those who get what’s going on.

The bottom line is simple: The 203 rich ones have no intention of paying any more money to the State unless forced to do so via legislation. In other words, they don’t really care about the kiddies, old folks and transportation, but saying they do makes them feel better while they travel from club to club in their chauffeured limousines.

They really are sick bastards, aren’t they?

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