Thursday, June 22, 2006

Keep your damn hands off my money

203 Rich jackasses are feeling guilty and want the state to take more of their money…and yours, too.

My message to them is simple:

If your so damned worried about the plight of the kiddies, old folks and roads, write a f@#$ing check to the Minnesota Department of Revenue. There’s nothing stopping you from donating more of your hard-earned money to the state.

Actually, there’s one thing stopping all 203 of you knobs: You want to bring the rest of us down with you.

Should we be surprised that the leader of this group is a former publisher of the Star & Sickle? Joel Kramer calls his Left Wing think tank “Invest for Real Prosperity”, and we all know “Invest” is Socialist-speak for “Tax Increases”.

The Neo-Left carry tremendous guilt as they tool about town in their chauffeured limos, traveling from one private club to the next, hoping and praying the legislature will do the right thing and raise their taxes.

Ease your consciences you guilt-ridden members of the Neo-Left. If each of you writes a check for $9,852,216.75 the State of Minnesota will have the $2 billion you say it needs to “Invest for Real Prosperity” and the rest of us will be forever grateful.

Don’t ask me for more. I have no misplace guilt, only perfectly placed anger at the amount of money taken from my family and given to your favorite Socialist programs, most of which do nothing they were created to do.

My bottom line, write your checks, assuage your guilt, and go to the club to the little people, like me, can’t afford.

But keep your damned hands off of my money.

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