Thursday, June 08, 2006

Killing Freedom of Speech

The rat bastards are at it again. You lousy freedom-hating assholes are, once again, preventing the Dixie Chicks from exercising their right to free speech. And because of it, they’ve already had to cancel a show in Memphis:

The Memphis show has been pulled off the route and the status of the shows in Indianapolis, Houston and Oklahoma City remains uncertain. Industry speculation has it that much or all of the tour may be postponed. [emphasis added]

I’m certain the freedom haters in the Bush Administration are behind it. No doubt Carl Rove is pulling the strings on this.

Maybe Ryan Slapnuts of Minneapolis will pull out his credit card and see to it that this tour is a success. Or perhaps he can lobby Congress to make it mandatory that those living in the vicinity of a scheduled show buy a minimum of two tickets each.

Better yet, let’s get the government to subsidize the trio from Texas – ala PBS. That way they can continue to exercise their rights without fear of losing income from continuing to insult their “fans” with their ill-advised anti-W rants.

In the interest of fairness, they Chicks are kicking ass in…Canada:

A second date was added for the Air Canada Center in Toronto, where the first show sold out in eight minutes. "Canada loves the Chicks," says ACC booking director Patti-Ann Tarlton.

Next thing you know, they’ll be playing to the Mosquitoes in ANWAR.

I hope they invested well.

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