Monday, June 12, 2006

Meet my next Congressman

Come January Keith Ellison (DFL) will be representing the Fifth Congressional District. I realize the election isn’t until November, but considering the real estate that comprises the Fifth, Ellison can’t lose, even if he’s found with a live boy or a dead hooker.

Always one to withhold my opinion about a person until I have enough information to form one, I can now declare Keith Ellison – DFL candidate for Congress – to be a two-faced political hack who believes accountability stops at his doorstep.

All I needed to read to come to my conclusion was this by Katherine Kersten and this by Doug Grow.

A few excerpts for you:

KK - He is a former outspoken supporter of Louis Farrakhan's
KK – [Ellison] defended Farrakhan in a Minnesota Daily article while a law student at the University of Minnesota.
KK - Ellison claimed that splitting America into two nations, with five Southern states set aside for blacks, would be preferable to "liberal social programs."
KK - "Black people do not live under a democracy," he told the crowd. "You don't have an obligation to obey a government that considers you to be less than human."

DG - "I want people to get to know me."
DG - Ellison's first words often are, "I've grown."

So I’m supposed to overlook his past association with Louis Farrakhan because he tells me he’s grown. He’s changed over the years and, apparently, understands the error of his ways.


I’m not cutting any slack for someone who refused to do the same for another

KK - In April 2004, Minnesota's public safety commissioner at the time, Rich Stanek, resigned after acknowledging making racist comments in 1992. At a news conference, Keith Ellison and other black leaders condemned Stanek's remarks and vowed to fight his confirmation.

Stanek repudiated the comments and said he had changed. Nevertheless, Ellison didn't give him the benefit of the doubt. "He's definitely one to hold other people accountable, so I held him accountable," Ellison told the Star Tribune.

Amazing piece of work, Ellison is. He wants a seat in Congress after cavorting with Farrakhan and stating that Blacks don’t have to obey the law, but believed Stanek unqualified to be Commissioner of Public Safety because he made racist comments 12 years prior.

Anything I say here will be considered racist so I’ll refrain from calling Ellison a race-bating little prick who apparently believes racism is a one way street and that playing slobber face with Farrakhan, arguably the most bigoted, racist, Jew hating individual alive, should not disqualify him from ascending to the United States Congress.

Like I said, Ellison is a two-faced political hack who believes accountability stops at his doorstep.

I don’t think I’ll be voting for him.

LEARNEDFOOT OPENS HIS SNARK HOLE: I'd like to thank Dementee for his measured tone regarding this issue. I am heartened that he resisted the temptation to take this debate to a new shameful low:

Kennedy vs. the Machine (7) took the debate shamefully low, featuring a picture of the dead terrorist with a caption, "Condolences can be sent to [DFL Fifth District congressional candidate Keith] Ellison HQ." Hmmm. Whatever could KvM be implying?

Um, a sense of humor apparently absent in the Blog House?

Gary M. Miller said he "clearly meant to draw parallels to the recently dispatched Al Qaeda leader and the 5th District candidate's shared history of anti-semitism," but Smartie at the Power Liberal (8) has another theory. "Since equating Democrats with terrorists worked so well in '02 and '04, ... Mark Kennedy's surrogates are hoping that it will work one more time in '06. Also, does it surprise anyone that they picked Keith Ellison's name (a black man and a Muslim for anyone not from Minnesota) to put right under the picture? Fine. If they're so proud of their oh-so-coy racism, it's fair to assume this is editorial policy around there. Since Mark Kennedy has previously stated how much he likes KvM and how often he reads that site I assume he's perfectly okay with this kind of racist garbage."

Since race-baiting and blanket accusations of the supposed bigotry of their opponents has worked so well for the Democrats in the past, I suppose why not inject race into this benign comment as well? So now facetiously comparing a former black muslim radical with a former white muslim radical is racist?

They just hate Gary because he's blonde.

Ohhhhh. Sorry about that. I fell into the same trap so many others do when they decide to take short cuts to thinking.

It would be fair to say that Metallicacapella was a "shameful low". But this? No. Don't be a knob.

Big thanks to Dementee for relieving me of the need to do a full-blown Blog Mart this week.

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