Friday, June 09, 2006

Michael Berg & the Death of the "Chickenhawk" Meme

Michael Berg is a nimrod. You may remember this guy: his son Nick was beheaded, purpotedly at the hands of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi (may a phalanx of large and angry incubusses be upon him) himself. Mike then blamed the pressident while blood was still dripping off Abu's sword.

the simple-mindedness and outright lunacy of Berg and his ilk was never more apparent than in this snippet from an interview he gave to CNN:

Q Mr. Berg, thank you for talking with us again. It's nice to have an opportunity to talk to you. Of course, I'm curious to know your reaction, as it is now confirmed that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the man who is widely credited and blamed for killing your son, Nicholas, is dead.

A Well, my reaction is I'm sorry whenever any human being dies. Zarqawi is a human being. He has a family who are reacting just as my family reacted when Nick was killed, and I feel bad for that. I feel doubly bad, though, because Zarqawi is also a political figure, and his death will reignite yet another wave of revenge, and revenge is something that I do not follow, that I do not ask for, that I do not wish for against anybody. And it can't end the cycle. As long as people use violence to combat violence, we will always have violence.

Excuse me. I just swallowed my tongue.

While you wait, please feel free to listen to this cheesy midi.

If you'd like to sing along, here are the lyrics.


OK, we're back! Some questions to ponder here:

What would Mikey have us do? Do we just continue letting this guy go around indiscriminately killing people?

"Pull out" you say? Do you think that would stop him? We shouldn't have been there in the first place? A) That's a cop out, and B) al-Zarqawi's very presence and existence tends to break hard against that view. And don't even bother trying to tell me that our "unjust, illegal ill-conceived invasion" "created" him. This guy was a thug well before hostilities commenced. If we hadn't invaded Iraq, chances are real good he would have killed innocents in some other place. He was a thug and a radical islamicist long before anybody had even heard of George W. Bush. I don't think a nice career in vacuum cleaner sales was ever in the cards for the creep.

How many more families should we have let him tear apart? It's nice that Mikey sympathizes with Abu's family, but don't you think that Abu bears some responsibility for their "loss" here?

Were those two bombs "revenge"? Or were they self defense; or, better yet, a moral imparative? Mikey sez he "feels bad" whenever a person dies, but how many hundreds (thousands?) will now avoid an untimely death because of those two bombs?

Piss off, Mikey. You're an idiot.

Perhaps the coalition forces should have tried to arrest him? Yeah there's the ticket! Kick down the door, slap on the cuffs and book him. Of course that would require subjecting a lot of good men unnecessarily to a great risk of being shot, maimed, blown up or killed. Easy for you to say "arrest him". Not so easy to actually do it.

Kind of stands the whole "chickenhawk" thing on its head now, doesn't it? Thanks for that, Mike.

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