Friday, June 23, 2006

More On the Moron Millionaires

I am not going to stop beating on this rancid rotten brain pooping until it is deader than Karl Marx.

You know how the media and the left (pardon the redundancy) love to paint conservatives as [fill in the blank] "values" voters. Dan Quayle used the phrase "family values" in one speech 15 years ago, and lefties have been belching out that phrase with with a sneer ever sense. More recently we've seen the emergence of "moral values" voters, "Midwestern values" etc. to describe anybody who votes for Republicans.

Which brings me to this letter, barfaliciously captioned "Seeking more state taxes: True Minnesota values."

Thank God I'm from Milwaukee (Motto: Now With a Higher GDP than Kuwait! Let's Get Drunk!), otherwise I guess I'd have to abandon my "values".

Since when does anybody inherit their personal values from the particular political entity in which they reside? I'm sorry, but "do unto others..." is a "value. "Be kind and generous" is a value. "Be an excellent parent to your kids" is a value. Even "be charitable to the less fortunate among you as much as you are able whenever you are able" is a value.

However, "Bend over and take it up the ass so that I can fund my ineffective and already-overfunded pet project" is not a value. If this is a "Minnesota value," then call me a rudderless heretic adrift in the moral sea. If you possess an IQ higher than tampera paint, you should sneer anytime you see, hear or read the phrase "Minnesota values," in the same way the very same people who use that idiotic trope sneer for "moral" or "family" values. This would also apply to any purported "values" supposedly appurtenant to any other political subdivision.

Unfortunately, this is a blog, so sneering is difficult to transmit. So here's a surrogate response to these so-called "Minnesota values" that is universally understandable:

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