Friday, June 09, 2006

Moron Mail

There are far too many to respond to all of them, but I simply must pick on Phyllis Roden of Minneapolis.

Phyllis spews the usual naysayer claptrap:

The sobering truth is, there are more -- many more -- like him who will step up to take his [Zarqawi’s] place.

Osama bin Laden, is still alive and well and no doubt busy hatching more plots.

She is, of course, right on both counts, but I ask Phyllis:

Should we not kill the soulless bastard just because someone will come along and fill his shoes?

Do you, Phyllis, believe the US military is incapable of hunting down two Islamofascist dirtbags simultaneously?

Have you had your “What Would Wellstone Do” sign laminated? You should. It will last longer.

Did you dictate the letter to a friend?

If not, how did you manage the keyboard with one thumb in your mouth and the other up your ass you simpleminded fool?

Any time a terrorist is killed it is a good day and when that terrorist is someone of Zarqawi’s status it is a tremendous day. This is intuitive to anyone with more than two functioning brain cells. But for people like Phyllis, the invasion of Normandy would have been considered a failure because Hitler didn’t give up on June 7.

Insufferable is the best way to describe this type.

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