Thursday, June 15, 2006

Moron Marketing

I recently had my first experience with the new version of Windows Media Player. If you must know, I was listening to this, one of the most underrated CDs in the history of the universe - if for no other reason than the uppercut STP delivers to Courtney Love's grill in "Too Cool Queenie."

Anyway, the new version contains quite a few new features that are a vast improvement over the old version. For one, WMP now gives a track listing with the song titles instead of "Track 01, Track 02" etc. Also there are a wider variety of trippy visual effects that can coax out the inner epileptic in just about anyone.

But for my money ($0) the most eye-catchingest feature is the picture of the album cover of the currently-playing CD in the lower right hand corner of the window. The cover art reproduction, while extraneous, is a nice aesthetic touch.

But wait. There's a hyperlink above the cover image:

"Buy (this) CD from MSN Music"



I, uh... er...

Oh, never mind.

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