Friday, June 02, 2006

The News in Haikus

Blogspot is like sex:
It's up. It's down. And up and
Down. And up and - AAAAARGGGGHHHH!!!!!

Once, it was "Persia."
Then, "Iran." Soon it will be
"North Korea 2."

Some grandparents will
Go way too far to avoid
Spoiling their grandkids.

How long do you think
It will be before we hear
She porked her "manny".

It helps to proofread
Your propaganda before
Distributing it.

To be or not to
Be? That is the question. To
Suffer the slings - GAAAAAAAAKKKKKkkkkkkk!

Won't you buy me a
Mercedes Benz? I'll boff you
More than your husband.

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