Monday, June 19, 2006

PHP’s hypocrisy knows no bounds

They’ve done it again. The Pointy Headed Pricks on the Star & Sickle editorial board brought hypocrisy to new heights.

On the heals of their whining over the GOP’s treatment of failed Lefty Senator Mark Dayton, the PHP’s are calling for the firing or, get this muzzling of John Bolton – the only ambassador to the UN with enough balls to tell the world that the Emperor (UN) is buck naked.
The PHP’s believe that John Bolton should accept Kofi Annan’s reform proposals without question. His job, according to the PHP’s is not to represent the interests of the United States, but to rubber stamp Kofi’s changes – which will no doubt change nothing.

Those who genuflect at the alter of the United Nations will brook no dissent from the proclamations of the almighty Kofi. If you dare to be in the presence of Kofi The Great, you must take all he says on its face and question nothing.

Is this the same group of elitist jerk-offs who chastise W for surrounding himself with people who have similar social and political philosophies?

Of course it is, but remember; in their warped, Leftist (a redundancy I know), backward-ass minds they, and only they, have all the answers and anyone who dissents from their f-ed up view of the world is simply a narrow-minded bigot who needs to be silenced.

A little too Animal Farm-like for my taste: All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.
So it is for the Leftist swine on the Star & Sickle editorial board.

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