Friday, June 30, 2006

A Song for Kevie

Before the Big Game last night, Kevin let slip that his gal had just broken his heart. So moved with pity was I, that I felt compelled to hit a routine flyball to to the left fielder at each of my 4 at bats. The rest of my team displayed similar sympathy for Kevie's inner turmoil by doing much the same thing, resulting in an uncharacteristic loss.

But it's all good: we're still in first place, and Kevie's team is still mathematically eliminated from contention. But that's not important - after all, it's just a kid's game. What is important in life are the affairs of the heart that make life worth living. The yearning for companionship. The desire to make ourselves whole by finding our one true love. If our piss-poor performance helped to salve the pain in Kevie's soul - even if only temporarily - then I'm cool with the loss.

Yet Kevie's life remains torn asunder, and I feel that I must do more to help a fellow blogger in need. To that end, if you are a hot single chick looking for a guy who makes up for his lack of skilz by wearing two batting gloves all the time, drop us a line in the comment thread to this post, and we'll see if we can't hook you up with the Kev-meister.

Hell, even if you are only moderately hot, Kevie will probably still be interested. Or just plain looking. Maybe even ugly. I don't think he's too picky.

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