Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Spare me phony indignation

Update: Thank you to LearnedFoot for pointing out the error in my acronym.

Putting on their ever-present Hats-of-Hypocrisy and Righteous Indignation, the Pointy-Headed-Pricks (PHPs) on the Star and Sickle editorial board are crying a river over the shots the GOP is taking shots at outgoing (thank the Lord) Senator Mark Dayton and his would be successor (please, God, no), Amy Klobuchar.

For the Republican Party to go out of its way to ridicule [Dayton’s] service, as it has done repeatedly this year, is unmannerly. To take that ridicule to the extreme seen in a new web video (at is un-Minnesotan.

Hey PHPs, you just pegged my bullshit meter.

Was it un-Minnesotan when House Democrats attempted to hold up a Republican-sponsored resolution honoring President Ronald Reagan with an amendment about budget deficits?

Brought forth in May of 2004, I believe, the Democrats saw fit to take shots, not at a lame duck Senator, but at a former President who was just a few weeks away from death.

Dayton isn’t dying; he’s leaving office because he knows he’ll get his elitist ass kicked by anyone the Republicans put forward.

As for the video (at Welcome to the blood sport of politics.

The Minnesota GOP did a great job of marrying Klobuchar’s words with what Dayton has said and done during his amazingly unremarkable one term in the US Senate.

What’s got the PHPs hacked off is how effective the video is.

In the last paragraph, the PHPs ask:

What does it bode for civility in public discourse, when a major party starts the campaign season by trampling this state's norm of respect for retiring elected officials?

What about respecting a retired elected official who’s on his deathbed?

What of civility then?

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