Thursday, June 22, 2006

We Can Afford to Tell You Assholes to "Eat Shit and Die"; (And We Can't Afford Not to)

WARNING: The following post is rated NC-17 for pervasive, exceedingly vile profanity and brief nudity. Foot spent most of the week faking gravitas, and showing superhuman restraint so as not to sully another blogger's reputation. He's got a lot of pent up rage. If the f-bomb makes you bristle, please leave now.

Growth for Justice, a progressive liberal "think" tank, bought a full page ad in the Strib today to convince you that you are not being ass-raped enough. Signed by about two hundred well-noted advocates for the spending of other people's money - including Ted and Walter Mondale, Mike Cerisi and the dipshit-o-licious duo of Susan and Jim Lenfestey - this ad tries to convince us lesser life forms that, despite all indications to the contrary, we aren't taxed enough. Some highlights:


Fuck you. Take a look at my tax return some time and say that. It's easy to say when you're flush in cash from your daddy's trust fund or, er, millions of dollars in fees you "earned" from that tobacco shakedown.

We're not investing as much as we used to -

Oh piss off. That's bullshit and you know it. Oh - there's more:

- as a share of personal income, state and local government is about $3 billion smaller than a decade ago...

Fuck off. Nice little semantic trick you try to turn there, you assknockers. How about how much smaller it is in real dollars? No, that would undermine your message.

It's still a vast, bloated, bureaucratic goliath.

Let's skip the list of "investments" these socialists think are "needed" to make a "better" Minnesota:

In the Real Prosperity strategy, the 2% of Minnesotans with the highest earnings would pay about 2 cents more per dollar earned...

Shove it up your ass. That translates to $6,000 on someone who makes $300k a year on top of what they're already paying.

...We are among the people who would pay more than most under this plan, and we believe that is appropriate.


Like I said: that's easy for you to say when RJ Reynolds is making the payments on your Manhattan penthouse. You people are living in LaLa Land. Just like money shouldn't go to your head; likewise your head shouldn't go to your ass.

You know, how about we split the difference. Why doesn't the legislature just amend the tax forms to allow generous rich folks like yourselves to pay (happily) what you think is an appropriate amount over and above your actual tax liability. Hell, we'll even tolerate you bragging about it.

But keep your filthy hands off my wallet. Fuckers.

And why do I think that this "plan" doesn't spare the, um, less than "rich"? Oh, because it wouldn't:

Most Minnesotans would pay a penny - more or less -

Fuck you fucking fuckers!

...and families struggling to make ends meet on less than $45,000 a year would pay virtually nothing.

"Virtually" nothing?

Eat shit. So what you nippleheads are really saying is that everyone can afford to pay more state taxes?

Please shove your shit-eating idea up your asses and go away. Now.

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