Thursday, June 29, 2006

Welcome to the FU Club

Now I'm pissed.

Sen. John C. Hottinger, gulilt-ridden Lefty from St. Peter, is the latest member of the FU Club aka FUC (acronym based on yesterday’s rant).

The FUC membership committee unanimously selected Hottinger on the basis of this letter to the PHPs at the Star & Sickle (printed in it’s entirety):

What do Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, the 202 Minnesota most well-to-do citizens who paid for an ad in the Star Tribune calling for higher taxes on the state's wealthiest citizens, and the leaders of the Minnesota faith community fighting to eliminate poverty have in common?

They all have set examples for the rest of us in recognizing the importance of the common good and the moral obligations we have to our fellow man and woman.

It's too bad that Gov. Tim Pawlenty and Star Tribune columnist Katherine Kersten still worship the greed creed: "I've got mine. I want more. The hell with you."

Guess what else they have in common, Senator FUC: They have more money than God and can afford to write large checks to the government.


Am I greedy, Sen. FUC, if I want to keep enough money to give my kids the chance to play sports, learn a musical instrument, or just to take a family vacation without running up the balance on my credit card?

If you answer yes, which is highly likely, then you are a fucking fuck without a fucking clue.

Here’s my definition of greed Sen. FUC: Using the force of government to steal money from hard working people to fund worthless people and programs in an effort to grow the monstrosity that is government so you can add more blood sucking, Socialist, jobs-for-life AFSCME members whose sole job is handing out money to worthless people.


Fuck you and fuck your Government Uber Alles mantra. It’s because of Socialist pigs like you that middle class folk like me are scraping to survive.

I don’t want your help, I don’t need your help. I just need you to get your fucking hands out of my fucking wallet.

The next step for you and all other guilt-ridden Socialists is to fire your accountants and tax attorneys. Better yet, instruct them to pull all your money from the shelters they live in and pay any back taxes.

No more tax credits, no more deductions, no more nothing. Time for Socialists like you to pay taxes based your gross income.

‘Cmon Sen. FUC, it’s for the common good.

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