Monday, July 10, 2006

ALERT: Really Stupid Person Ahead

John P. Torgerson of Coon Rapids has crossed the line from merely stupid to really stupid with this letter to the Star & Sickle.

Having no opinion on whether we should go to Mars, I have to say that John’s argument is amazing in its absolute stupidity.

Just read it:

President Bush insists on sending a mission to Mars. According to the Webster's encyclopedia, recorded temperatures on Mars range from 148 degrees below zero to 32 degrees above zero [And I suppose the Moon is more like San Diego]. The atmospheric pressure is equivalent to the pressure 22 miles above earth. The atmosphere is 95 percent carbon dioxide and 0.15 percent oxygen [And the rest of space is filled with breathable gas I suppose]. No human beings from earth can possibly live there [As opposed to human beings from another planet?].

We should use the money to explore the many problems we have here on Earth [problems like allowing morons like John P. Torgerson of Coon Rapids access to pens and paper].

I fear John has seen far too many episodes of Star Trek. ‘Cmon, no oxegen on Mars.

John, this aint Luke Skywalker stuff. Captain Kurk is fiction, Johnny.

Take your hand off your unit [remote control] and come out of your dark, dank basement and join the rational people of the world. You’re a bit behind, I know, but there may still be hope.

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