Friday, July 28, 2006

...An Ass of You and Me. Well, Maybe Just You

Now I know what the moonbats mean when they proclaim to be members of the "reality based community". "Reality" is based on whatever they say it is:

Rhonda Chriss Lokeman: Far too close for comfort

That George W. Bush knowingly imitates Richard Nixon is bad enough. That Congress lets him is worse.

Uh oh. This chick's got 2 last names. You know what that means...

There was a cancer growing on the presidency, and if the cancer was not removed, the president himself would be killed by it.

It is discouraging that more parallels haven't been drawn between the Richard Nixon and Bush II administrations.

Uh, maybe because there aren't any. Other than your imeachment / resignation wet dreams, that is.

We've forgotten the perils of unchecked abuse of executive power.

We forgot Watergate.

No, I'm pretty sure we haven't. But you know what they say: "When you assume..."

The scandal was named for a third-rate burglary in Washington but was only a part of Richard Nixon's vast right-wing conspiracy.

Nixon was at war in Southeast Asia and at home. His domestic agenda violated the Bill of Rights, including the Fourth Amendment's prohibition of unlawful searches and seizures without probable cause. His enemies list included businessmen (Howard Stein, Dreyfus Corp.), entertainers (Paul Newman), journalists (Daniel Schorr), congressmen, and labor and peace activists.

Presumably, President Bush also has an enemies list that includes Joseph Wilson, Valerie Plame, the New York Times, celebrities and civil libertarians.

OK, so the "parallel" that you're drawing here has to do with an unsupported presumption.

I presume Ms. Chriss Lokeman has hairy armpits and reeks of patchouli, just like the other progressive far left-wing mentally ill professional protester chicks I met in college.

That President Bush knowingly imitates Nixon is bad enough. That Congress lets him is unconscionable. Defending America is more important than defending the presidency. Lawmakers must exercise constitutional authority and investigate and punish for any unlawful acts or high crimes and misdemeanors.

She's right. Defending America is more important than defending the presidency.

So how come people like her hysrterically oppose or try to undermine EVERY. SINGLE. ATTEMPT. The administration makes to defend our borders.

Monitoring calls to and from terrorist phone numbers? "Overreaching."

Monitoring bank transactions to known terrorist accounts? "Overreaching."

Flight lists? "Invasion of privacy."

Gitmo? "Don't even get me started."

Is it OK if we read al Jazeera? Or might that make it unfair to the Islamodirtbags?

First there was the weapons-of-mass-destruction hoax that has led to the deaths of more than 2,500 troops in Iraq.

Hoax? Another assumption expressed with a loaded word.

Then there was the vengeful outing of a CIA agent, the wife of a vocal critic. Now the White House willfully obstructs justice.

Vengeful? Obstructing justice? Have you not been paying attention, bitch? Really, try getting your news from someone other than Kos.

The secretive Bushvolk say they are protecting America from suspected enemies of America, such as terrorists. But what's to say that, like Nixon, they aren't also spying on individuals who personally offend them or vote against their issues?

I'm sure you're a fine upstanding collumnist for the KC Star, Rhonda; but who's to say that you're not using your paychecks to fund your heroin habit or to prop up Kim Jong Il's regime? Hmm? Hmm?

I'm through with this garbage. Let's just assume that Rhonda is a harmless whack-job on a 48 hour furlough from the mental ward.

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