Thursday, July 13, 2006

Clemenza on the Middle East

The Godfather is, in my opinion, one of the two greatest movies ever made (the other is The Godfather II). What places both of these movies at the top of the heap, in addition to the fabulous acting and tremendous directing and editing is the wisdom one can find in the screenplay.

Pete Clemenza, played by Richard Castellano, provides such wisdom in the following exchange, wisdom that can be directly applied to the current unrest in the Middle East.

(I won’t set up the scene because if you don’t recognize it there’s no hope for you.)

How bad do you think it's gonna be?

Pretty goddamn bad. Probably all the other Families will line up against us. That's alright -- this thing's gotta happen every five years or so -- ten years -- helps to get rid of the bad
blood. Been ten years since the last one. You know you got to stop them at the beginning, like they should have stopped Hitler at Munich, They should never've let him get away with that. They were just asking for big trouble.

All in all, I’d say Israel has shown great restraint over the years and is showing too much of it now, but the tension had to come to a head eventually and better sooner than later.
I would like to see Israel end this shit one and for all. When the annihilation of Israel is the stated goal, the Israelis are obligated to remove that option from their enemies’ toolkit swiftly and in no uncertain terms. Make the dirty bastard rue the day they targeted Israel for elimination.

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