Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Dripping with stupidity

So what’s new?

The PHPs on the Star & Sickle editorial board proven, yet again, how detached they are from reality, how Leftwing ideology turns one’s brain to oatmeal. And this oatmeal is cold, lumpy and nutrition free. In fact, I believe there are maggots feeding on the oatmeal that oozes from the PHP’s cranial cavities.

With the Middle East teetering on the brink of regional warfare, British Prime Minister Tony Blair and U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan have made President Bush an offer he should consider carefully: Organize an international stabilization force to stop the shooting and separate the combatants.

Isn’t this Kofi’s Job? What’s he here for if not to marshal his member-nations to save the world?

There's a case to be made for simply letting Israel slug it out with the Lebanese militia Hezbollah for another day or two. But if this conflict drags on, it risks grave civilian casualties and a corrosive deepening of the region's polarization.

How much more polarized can it get? These bastards have a stated goal of destroying Israel. Pretty hard to get much more corrosive than that.

The point of intervening is not to fault Israel, as some Europeans have hinted. The Palestinian group Hamas should be ashamed of itself for kidnapping an Israeli soldier; that is not the act of a governing party that seeks legitimacy on the world stage.

“Hamas should be ashamed of itself?” – The PHPs apparently think they are talking to a child. As for seeking legitimacy on the world stage: Let me state again, they want Israel destroyed. Hamas doesn’t give a damn about legitimacy and the sooner you figure that out the sooner you can begin thinking the right way about this.

Hezbollah is worse: Its kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers is only the latest in a series of border provocations that have spilled blood and sabotaged the young Lebanese government.

Perhaps the best outcome would be for Israel to put Hezbollah's military wing out of business. If the group were declawed militarily and discredited politically, Lebanon would be a better place. It's encouraging that several moderate Arab regimes have denounced Hezbollah and the Syrian and Iranian politicians behind it.

Take a Goddamn stand you chicken shits. Weasel words like “perhaps the best outcome” won’t do the trick here. Try this: The best outcome would be for Israel to destroy Hezbollah in its entirety regardless of how long it takes and how many of the bastards have to die to accomplish the goal.

But that's a gamble. Israel's supposed pinpoint strikes against Hezbollah are now causing significant civilian deaths and substantial damage to civilian infrastructure. It's also not fair for Israel to bear this military burden against Hezbollah alone, and it's not healthy for this conflict to be cast as Israel against Islam.

Oh piss off; It's all gamble and you would shit bricks if W tried to send the military in to engage the dirty pigs.

If the region's Islamists succeed in painting this as a struggle between the imperious West -- i.e., Israelis and Americans -- and underdog Muslims, it will be an enduring diplomatic setback for both Israel and the United States. That's already been one outgrowth of the Bush foreign policy in Iraq, and it has done incalculable damage to America's standing in the world.

Open you freaking eyes, this is not a “struggle” it is a WAR between Islamofascists and the rest of the world. Let the Muslims scream "holy war". They've been doing it for years already so we might as well make them true to their words.

An international stabilization force would face serious challenges in stopping the shooting, but it would send an essential message that this conflict is not Americans and Israelis against aggrieved Arabs, but the civilized world protecting civilians while renouncing an extremist minority.

Stabilization forces are worthless. It cries spineless, blue-hemeted, United Nations. The only good they do is delay the inevitable: all out war for the survival of Israel and Western Civilization.

It’s time to pull out all the stops and destroy Syria, Iran, North Korea, etc, etc, etc.

Target all countries headed by madmen and/or theocrats for annihilation and, one by one, take them out. No warning, no negotiations – how do you negotiate when their starting point is your extermination.

Just take them the hell out and pray God is on our side.

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