Tuesday, July 25, 2006

An Example of the Type of Question That Never Appears on the Multistate Bar Exam

You are the Attorney General of State A, currently campaigning for Governor of State A. A reporter from Newspaper B e-mails you to inquire about a parking ticket you received 2 years ago at a park that is a known meeting place for "fancy boys." Newspaper B has not run any stories about your past parking difficulties. The reporter informs you in the e-mail that he doesn't plan on running any story about this particular ticket; he's just trying to sort through some facts relating to a previous story of which you were a tangential player.

Which of the following is the worst course of action to take in regard to the reporter's query?
A) Ignore the e-mail and allow this non-story to remain a non-story.

B) Politely reply to the reporter's question emphasizing that you were merely enjoying a public park, like thousands of other State A residents do every day, and you inadvertently let the parking meter expire, thereby allowing this non-story to remain a non-story.

C) Reply to the reporter's question by saying that, while you admire and respect State A's large and vibrant "fancy boy" community, you are not yourself a "fancy boy," allowing this non-story to remain a non-story.

D) Stamp your rhetorical feet with righteous indignation, assailing Newspaper B for having the NERVE to "attack" your family; expressing your anger to everyone who will listen, including filing a complaint against Newspaper B with an NGO press watchdog group, so that Newspaper B is left with little choice than to run that story - a story which would also necessarily include the underlying potentially embarrassing fact that it wasn't going to print in the first place.


Any guesses as to who would have missed that question?

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