Thursday, July 20, 2006

Help Jen increase her Q

Unless she does something fast, Jen Mattson is not long for this world, in terms of her candidacy for AG that is. By all accounts – primarily her web page – she is a lightweight with only a famous last name to her credit.

Jen needs to increase her Q rating – now – and it is my professional marketing opinion that Jen needs is a clever nickname. The Humphreys have already claimed Skip and Buck, so I’m calling on you, the KARnation, to offer suggestions from which Jen can select.

To help get you started, I offer the following possibilities:

1. Misdemeanor Mattson
2. Mammy Mattson
3. Jen, Judge & Jury Mattson
4. Mamma Mattson
5. Legal Eagle Mattson
6. Just Got My JD Mattson
7. Non-monkey’s Mattson
8. Love the Littles Mattson

Your turn, KARnies. Don’t let me down.

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