Friday, July 14, 2006

If You Needed Any More Evidence that Matt Entenza is a Knob...

Alert reader "Ari" points us to this. In a nutshell:

Entenza's campaign issues a statement that sez:

Despite the fact that AARP is reporting that United Health Group has issued a report, based on an independent, internal investigation, unequivocally stating that my wife, Lois Quam, has never had anything to do with granting stock options or setting compensation policy, my opponent and the State GOP leadership, continue to insinuate otherwise.

Then, the AARP sez:

In no way, and at no time, did AARP issue a report, receive a UnitedHealth Group report, or conduct an investigation relating to Lois Quam or the granting of stock options or setting of compensation policy by UnitedHealth Group.

Entenza's campaign apologized for their, uh - I dunno - "mistake."

Heh. Maybe I am MDE. We now return you to your regularly scheduled KAR nonsense.

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