Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Lowest Form of Life Known to Man


Asshat and I have never seen eye to eye on cheese. In person there was always a cordial attitude. I never really cared about what he wrote of me, or cheese, because I think if it takes you 11 list items to prove your point it is just mental masturbation and you really don’t know what it is you’re trying to say or are not gifted enough to get your point across. Usually things didn’t get personal, but he crossed a line with me today, and I am lashing back.

Apparently he created a mocking post about me today, in what was no doubt another immature and petty attack on my personal problems and sensitivities, from a lifeform so wretched and devoid of maturity and anything close to human nature. Well I guess those things people used to say to me about him way back when are true. He isn’t worth it. So asshat, some day I hope karma comes and gives you what you deserve.

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