Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Mattson for AG

NonMonkey writes a puff piece about DFL AG candidate Jennifer Mattson:

The DFL may be lucky he has withdrawn. But before the party replaces Entenza with another party palooka, it might be smart to consider a Hatch-like watchdog for its ticket.

Her name is Jennifer Mattson. She won't be 30 until next month and the geniuses who gave you Entenza will say she is too inexperienced to be attorney general. Malarkey. Harold Stassen was only 31 when he was elected governor. It isn't what you've made of yourself that counts. It's what you're made of. Minnesota voters have often proved that.

Those of you familiar with NonMonkey already know that his mere endorsement of a candidate is enough to persuade you that said candidate is unfit to deliver your mail, let alone occupy an elected office. But there is one other thing:

I went to law school with Mattson. I, uh, know stuff.

Oh, not any scandalous or salacious stuff, mind you. It's not even anything that could be characterized as "misconduct" or "criminal" or even "sin". But it is stuff that would be relevant background to anyone interested in the quality of our AG.

And so here is where the devil on my shoulder (who looks a lot like Swiftee in my mind's eye) shouts "Spill it! tell everything!" And the angel on my other shoulder reminds me that KAR is not a partisan political hit blog, and besides, memories from 4 or 5 years ago have become tattered and faded. Some particulars may be inaccurate, and some may be erroneous. The angel reminds me of the law of libel and slander. She also reminds me of a thing called "class".

To which the Devil replies "F**k that shit! Let's hear it!"

No. I'll heed the angel for once, and just suffice it to say that if the Jennifer Mattson I knew then is the same one NonMonkey is fawning over today, then I want her to succeed Mike Hatch as Minnesota's AG. Because after her term is up, the DFL wouldn't hold that office again for a generation.

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