Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Moron Mail? Non-Moron Mail?

I had no choice but to highlight this letter, since it concerns a favorite topic of bloggers everywhere: themselves.

Blogs may be a wonderful mechanism for an exchange of ideas, but in reading some of them I found that I did not learn anything new. I see nothing to dissuade me from the notion that reading a blog is the equivalent of listening to the rambling discourse of the guy sitting on a stool at the end of the bar by himself.


What the hell you talkin' about, Willis? "Rambling Discourse?"

Actually, that reminds me of Rambling Rhodes who's also a Minnesota blogger. He likes to write about his ass a lot. But when he's not writing about his ass or photoshopping a picture of his ass onto something - Oh, you know who's a good photoshopper? Derek at Freedom Dogs - he's done logos for many of the other local blogs like Fraters and K v. M, and this one time he made t-shirts for everybody. They were so cool kewl! You know who really likes wearing t-shirts? Andy. If only he could spell as well as he wore t-shirts, I tell you what!

Now where was I?

Oh yeah - stop drinking my booze!

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