Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Moron Mail (Now With Visual Aids!)

Those who would be happy to force you pay more for the same Minnesota are off their meds:

Minnesota is so poor, it can't eat pork.

Federal funds for Hwy. 53 cannot be used because the state can't match it (Star Tribune, July 24). The state can't match it because it doesn't have the money. It doesn't have the money because our governor irresponsibly refused to consider tax increases to keep Minnesota's infrastructure at serviceable levels.

Whenever you see an accident due to lack of repairs or you are stuck in congestion, a driver on Hwy. 53 can place the blame squarely on the Taxpayers League of Minnesota and Gov. Tim Pawlenty.


And for good measure, let's throw in an excerpt from another drool puddle on the same page:

I probably have nothing in common with the 200 "wealthy" referenced by William Cooper and Michael Wigley in their July 23 Opinion Exchange column, "Tax cuts are benefiting our economy." But after reading their argument for not raising taxes on Minnesotans earning $450,000 or more, I know I have nothing in common with those two rich guys.

They talked about "waste" -- yet gave no examples. Losing $50 million in federal funding for a road project because the Minnesota Department of Transportation remains underfunded is waste.

No, shitball it's not waste. Let me show you what is.

Here is the lede from the Highway 53 story to which Slapnuts A and Slapnuts B refer (emphasis mine):

Courtesy of U.S. Rep. Jim Oberstar, Minnesota got $50 million last year to widen a rural road in the far north of the state. The so-called congressional "earmark" for Hwy. 53, included in a national transportation bill loaded with pet projects, was the largest ever received by the state.

The earmark was to w-i-d-e-n the highway, or in other words, to increase the road's capacity.

Here is a map of Minnesota's portion Hwy 53:

As you can see, the route in question begins in Duluth, goes through the Middle of Nowhere, and terminates in Another Part of the Middle of Nowhere (some of you might know the latter by its more common name: "Canada").

I recall a certain Congressman from Alaska getting a ton of shit for bringing home a pile of federal money to pay for a "bridge to nowhere." Remember that?

Oh, but Oberstar is a Democrat, so his glorious waste of money on a Road to Nowhere ("Ozzy Osbourne and The Talking Heads can teach us a lot about...") is OK.

No this is not wasteful. It's called "having priorities". Some others might call it "not spending money on useless shit." I can think of dozens of road projects more worthwhile than this one - a project that'll only help a bunch of hosers get to that toddlin' town of Duluth a little faster.

And the dumbasses who wrote that thought-free garbage excerpted above should note that much of the $50 million of federal cash that's being saved by not pandering to the 15 or so Duluth-bound Cannucks is being funded by the very same people who these jerkoffs expect to take it up the butt to the tune of $50 million more.

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