Thursday, July 06, 2006

Moron Mail


The members of the badly-in-need-of-a-life moonbat letter writing mill seem to have stopped taking their meds:

Apparently the Bush administration -- and all its lapdog cheerleaders in Congress and the religious right -- now have this country so low that North Korea can spit on us by firing a missile on July 4th. I think these Republicans are going to need a lot more Diebold machines in November; unfortunately, they'll probably come up with them.


Dude. Your talking points are so 2005.

And, BTW, some of the bottle rockets I shot off the other day have a longer range than the Dong 2. If that was North Korea "spitting" at us, it was into a stiff gale.

Lastly, I think that the Dems could negate the fictional conspiracy theory forwarded by only the most mentally ill and feverishly hallucinating left-wing douchebag bloggers Republican "Diebold Strategem" if they are able to secure and motivate their base, (i.e. cartoon characters and dead people), as they have so successfully in the past.

Seriously, man, read something other than Kos. You might find it enlightening. And we here in the real world who try to avoid that lunatic's ravings wouldn't have to be subjected to hackneyed regurgited Kos barfings like this.

No. "Barfings" isn't a strong enough word.

Poopybarfings? Better.


Dysentarious runny poopbarfings covered in snot?

Yeah, that's a more accurate description.

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