Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Moron Mail

Dementee's pretty riled right now. He probably shouldn't read this letter:

What's the difference between Iran providing weapons and money to Hezbollah and the United States doing the same for Israel?

Terrorists are in the eye of the beholder -- Hezbollah came into existence in 1982 as a response to Israel's invasion and occupation of Lebanon.

NINA S(hitforbrains). FLANDERS, EDINA

[Homer]Stupid Flanders![/Homer]

Perhaps if Nina's history book went back farther than 1982 (the social sciences term the pre-1982 era as "Most of History") perhaps she'd better be able to draw the distinction between Hezbollah and Israel. History is rife with analogies.

For example there once was this guy named Adolf. He scapegoated the Jews for all of his peoples' problems too. In fact, his regime regarded the Jews as leaches - "occupiers" if you will - of the Motherland. So he set out to kill them all. Prior to this, the Jews were perfectly content to live in Germany and make their livelihoods. They were not violent people, and posed no threat to any native Germans. But Adolf wanted Germany only for himself and his Aryan brothers and sisters...

Is any of this getting through to you Nina?

Nina: *drool*

Yeah - I suppose one man's pogrom is another man's urban renewal. According to your logic, anyway.

Ah, that "unteachable ignorance" rears its head again.

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