Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Moron Morose Mail

The Strib's usual choices for Letter o' the Day typically make me angry. This one just makes me sad:

It's a shame restrictions have been placed on the use of clotheslines ("Airing your clean laundry in public is no longer a breeze," July 22).

Some people look forward to summer so they can golf or ride their motorcycle. But many of us look forward to hanging our laundry outside.

We watch the sky for sunny weather and scurry to wash our clothes to take them outside for Mother Nature to dry them. Besides the pleasure of admiring our laundry, we also have the satisfaction of helping to protect the environment.


*sigh* The simple life.

This letter conjures a hypothetcal discussion that I will never ever have with my wife, even when we're in our twilight years:

MRS. FOOT: So, what should we do tomorrow?

LEARNEDFOOT: I thought that we'd take the afternoon off, send the kids to Grandma's, and then stare at our laundry.

MRS. FOOT: I want a divorce.

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