Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Simple-minded musings

Jim Dunlop of Shoreview must have a brain the size of a walnut. I base my conclusion on his letter to SPPP that is stunning for its lack of thought and logic.

Here, in its vacuous entirety, is Jim Dunlop’s letter:

DFL owes Mattson
The DFL Party owes a huge debt of gratitude to Jennifer Mattson. She was the first with the courage to challenge Matt Entenza, the party's endorsed candidate for attorney general, publicly pointing out his flawed candidacy and filing against him in the September primary. Entenza soon withdrew, and only then did other candidates emerge.

Having done her job, Mattson has now dropped out of the race. Hopefully, we might all anticipate her future candidacy.


Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, wipe the oatmeal from your chin and the shit from your ears and eyes.

You are an idiot if you believe Entenza dropped out of the race because Jen Mattson filed for the September primary.

You are a raging idiot if you believe Entenza was so scared by Mattson, a no-name, no-talent, endorsed by Non-monkey hack, that he turned tail and ran at the prospect of having to face he in September.

And you are brain-dead if you believe Mattson got into the race for the sole purpose of forcing Entenza to drop out, intending to do so herself after she accomplished her mission.

Jen Mattson is a lightweight who practices, among other things, speeding ticket law. Whatever the hell that is?

Do you think she took one for the team? Do you think she volunteered to look like a fool: jump in today, jump out tomorrow? Do you think Non-monkey is ignorant enought to get blindsided by a cheap political stunt? (Don't answer that one)

Entenza didn't get out because of Jen. She didn’t have an intern’s chance in Clinton’s office of winning the primary against him.

What sent him running were the ones waiting in the wings. My guess is he got a call from DFL headquarters informing him there were real politicians, like Bill Luther, ready to jump in but they didn't want to embarass Luther by challenging him directly.

There was no courage on display here. On the contrary, if she had any real guts, she'd still be in the race. Instead of her face being on a Mattson for Senate web site, it still adorns her really, really crappy law office web site.

As for her next candidacy, I think she’ll have problems rising above the level of Block Club President.

Farewell dear Jen.

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