Monday, July 17, 2006

Transcript of the Emergency MOB Summit Meeting

LEARNEDFOOT: I've called you all here today to discuss a startling new revelation that I read about in the paper this morning. You all have been invited to this Summit because represent the very best of Minnesota's center-right bloggers. Unfortunately, it seems, being the best isn't enough. Apparently we're deficient.

FLASH: I'm a centrist.

LF: Yes yes. You keep telling us that. We just invited you because we needed someone to supply the beer. Thanks for the Icehouse, by the way.

FLASH: You're welcome. I'm a centrist.

LF: Anyway, I'd like to draw your attention to an article in today's Strib -

[Loud boos engulf the room]

LF: [After booing stops] - which reads in relevant part [reading]:

Today, progressive bloggers appear to be the frontrunners. While conservative bloggers focused their strategy on developing uniform messaging and targeted a demographic they understood well for many years, most of the progressive sites coalesced from various activist and interest groups that had been looking for similar communities.

CHAD: That's despicable!

Mitch: I agree -

CHAD: Not one word about hockey.

[Puzzled silence]

FLASH: I'm a centrist!

MITCH: Well, the problem I see is that the MOB is apparently failing the national effort since we have not yet - what did it say? - "developed a uniform message".

LF: Precisely! We need to put our heads together and come up with -

SWIFTEE: Dude, you're so GAY! I'm watching you Focker...

LF: ...a uniform message so that we can be in step with our conserv-o-blogging brethren outside of Minnesota. Any ideas?

SISYPHUS: I have 11 ideas. Number 11: We're nobody's monkeys; Number 10 - Because "Pelosi" is Italian for "Mussolini" -

NIHILIST IN GOLF PANTS: We don't have time for this -

SIS: You're just jealous because my good friends at the Corner always links to my posts, while yours are universally ignored.

[They pull guns on each other]

MITCH: Hey now! Take it easy guys!... Hey Sis, is that a Glock?

SIS: Damn straight yo'. Its got a pearl-inlaid handle.

MITCH: Niiiiiiiiice.

CHAD: Hockey!

LF: Calm down everybody. Let's work the problem here. According to that Strib piece, the "progressive" [stifles a laugh] writers [stifles another laugh] are eating our lunches. We need to synch up with what's purportedly going on in the rest of the country and coordinate a single, unified message. I need some suggestions as to what that message should be.

ANDY: I have an idea.

LF: Shoot.

ANDY: How about: "Wood yoo radder haf tacks cudders runn da cuntree; ore doo yoo wan teh cutn runnres rahnninl teh cuntree?"

[Puzzled silence]

MITCH: You talk like that too?

ANDY: I kant take teh abyoos anee more! Maybee ill jus kwit blogging! [Andy storms out of room]

LF: Well, this is going well.

MITCH: Why don't we just do a spitballing session? Everybody: just shout out what comes to mind. Ready? Go.

CHAD: Hockey!

SWIFTEE: Chad's gay!

FLASH: I'm a centrist!

SWIFTEE: Flash is gay!

SIS: I like art!

SWIFTEE: Art is gay!


SWIFTEE: Hockey is -

LF: STOP!!!! This is getting us nowhere. We haven't heard from Doug yet. Do you have anything, Doug?

DOUG: ...

LF: Anything, Doug?

DOUG: ...

LF: Earth to Doug?

DOUG: ...

MITCH: I think he quit blogging or something.

LF: Oh yeah. I forgot about that. This meeting has been a miserable failure.

MITCH: I blame the RNC and Hugh Hewitt for not sending us the memo that we were supposed to be "developing a unified message." Maybe it was not to be. I mean, with a roomful of like-minded folks like ourselves, we still can't come up with - much less agree on - some uniform message. Maybe it's not going on on the national level either. Perhaps it's not as simplistic as a couple of free-range alpaca clad prematurely gray DFL consultants would lead us to believe.

[Everybody nods in agreement]

SIS: Hey! I've got a great idea for a uniform message that we can all agree on.

LF: What's that?


[Sis and LF pull guns on each other]

LF: This meeting is adjourned, bitch!

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