Thursday, August 03, 2006

Air America deflates a little more

Put another nail in the Air America coffin.

The Big Apple is booting Air America Radio up the dial.

It’s hard to believe that the Lefty network can’t make a go of it in the East Coast home of the Left. Why, one might ask, is this so?

Why, indeed can the Left not survive in a city that is a hotbed of liberalism? The answer is quite simple:

Even Lefties want entertaining radio. The constant ranting and raving gets old, even if you buy in to the BS being shoveled.

How many times in one day must one subject themselves to pleas for W’s impeachment before the come to the conclusion that the only difference between the shows is the names of the hosts?

Simply put, Air America programming sucks because they take themselves far too seriously and too many of the on air personalities don’t understand radio – Franken chief among them.

When launched their stated mission was to keep W from winning a second term. Eighteen months into that term, it’s likely Air America won’t survive until it ends.

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