Tuesday, August 08, 2006


It's primary day in Connecticut.

Joe Lieberman's campaign site is down.

Now I may be jumping to hasty conclusions here, but why do I get the feeling that the outage is due to something other than server problems?

Oh - I know why: because that's just what these douchebags do.

Why would anyone want to willingly vote for any candidate supported by these goons assholes?

UPDATE: Story:

Democratic Sen. Joe Lieberman, who was locked in a battle with an anti-war challenger in the nation's most closely watched primary race Tuesday, accused his opponent's supporters of hacking his campaign Web site and e-mail system.

Lieberman campaign manager Sean Smith said the campaign has contacted the Connecticut attorney general's office and asked for a criminal investigation by state and federal authorities.

"If Ned Lamont has a backbone in his body, he will call on these people to cease and desist," Smith said.

Lamont, campaigning early Tuesday afternoon in Bridgeport, said he knew nothing about the accusations. "It's just another scurrilous charge," he said.

"Scurrilous charge" - love that old-school rhetoric. Lamont's all like "I must insist that my worthy opponent retract this scurrilous charge, lest our campaigns descend into fisticuffsmanship!"

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