Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Exceptional stupidity is rare…

…but when one sees it, it is a sight to behold.

Today’s exceptional stupidity is comes from a moron named Tom Hammond of Woodbury. Tom wrote a letter to the SPP comparing Bill Clinton’s affair with an intern, the one he lied about while under oath, with the discovery of Norm Coleman’s father in the back seat with a 38 year old woman. Tom then goes on to contrast the reaction from the “moralistic Christian conservatives.”

The letter, deftly crafted and oozing with non sequiturs, is a work pure beauty. Beauty in a vomit-covered, festering pustule sort of way:

Rush Limbaugh, the high priest of conservative morality, was silent. Fox News looked the other way. Ann Coulter and Newt Gingrich were AWOL. The Reverends Falwell and Robertson were speechless. Why? Because the person arrested for having sex in an automobile was a Republican, Sen. Norm Coleman's father.

Tom if you’re going to ask a question, don’t answer it yourself. You might hurt.

Here’s the real answer assknob: the reason the story didn’t make the big splash you wanted is because it involved the Norm’s old man.

It wasn’t Clinton’s dad getting hummed by an intern, it was Billy Boy himself.

Are you too freaking blind to see the difference here?

Even the Great Satan of Leftwing radio, Al Franken, understands the difference enough to have simply said he felt bad for Norm and refused to use it as a way to attack the Senator.

When Clinton succumbed to moral weakness it was grounds for impeachment and constant humiliation. But when one of their own is immoral, they are as hard to find as a person in the witness protection program.

“One of their own”? What the hell are you talking about? Mr. Coleman is not, repeat, not “one of our own”. For all I know the guy’s a Democrat. Norm was once so there’s no reason to think his dad isn’t one.

Not to mention the fact that Dad Coleman is a private citizen. Last I saw, he can’t be impeached. Bill Clinton was President of the United States when he inserted his wang into Monica’s mouth and lied about it in front of a grand jury.

This is a nothing story that gave Leno some fodder and died a real quick death.

Some of you Lefties have no clue. Simply put, your premise is false, your comparison is false, your conclusion is false and you are an idiot's idiots.

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