Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Happiness Is Training Camp, a Keg of Beer, and My Very Own Blogger Account. Ain'a?

OPG here.

Foot got tired of passing along my illuminating e-mails to him on dis here blog, so he decided to make me a full blown member. Everybody wins!

So let's get acquainted. Here's a picture of me:

OK. Now dat da' meet -n- greet is outta da way, let's get down ta' biddness.

I was hoping to cover da' Pack's training camp this year, but the team has apparently obtained some sorta Super-Duper restraining order which bars me from entering Brown county and any of its bordering counties. So instead, I'll have to get my stuff from the papers.

Like this piece fer instance:

Despite losing receiver Javon Walker to free agency and the prospect of three new starters on the offensive line, including two rookie guards, Favre, 36, gushed over the possibilities of this year's team.

"I really feel like this, as far as talent is concerned, is the most talented team I've been a part of, as a whole," he said. "But it's the most unproven, inexperienced team I've ever played on."

More talented than the teams that won these?

Or this?

(NOTE TO VIKINGS FANS: the above pictures are of two Halas Trophies and the Lombardi Trophy respectively. There. Now you know what they look like.)

Indeed, Brett thinks this years' squad is indeed more talented; just a little green:

No, he wasn't forgetting the 1996 team that won Super Bowl XXXI. "We weren't a very talented team (in 1996)," he said. "We weren't undertalented, but we were very experienced."

With this new talented squad, and a Vikings team that no longer has Daunte at QB nor a cartoon character as its head coach for the first time in recent memory, I'd say the NFC Nort' is up fer grabs.

"The Bears?" you ask? What about the Bears?

Fuck the Bears.

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