Thursday, August 17, 2006

Iron Maiden Can Also Ask Some Cogent Questions

Can I play with madness? --Iron Maiden

Why yes. Yes you can. Because tonight, "Madness" will be in the form of Bill and me, and you can play with us at one of our rare Keegan's public appearances. Some highlights of what you can expect:

* A panel discussion entitled: John J Miller Was Wrong: Powerslave is Not the Best Iron Maiden Album.

* LearnedFoot will conduct an Insalata Caprese workshop.

* Bill will be signing his new book: 101 New Pie Decorating Methods for the S&M Professional. Bring your copy!

* Behind the scenes of the Great Cheese War of '06

* And much much more.

Hope to see you there.

UPDATE: Bill informs me that he will be unable to attend tonight because he needs to prepare for the Keynote speech he will be delivering at the annual Gift Wrappers of America convention (GiWraCon) this weekend.

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