Monday, August 14, 2006


Q: If I started swearing like f*cking this (or g*dd*mn that), do you think that Craig Westover, SCSU Scholars, Mitch, Nihilist in Golf Pants, Residual Forces, Koolaid Report, and the M.A.W.B. Squad would start linking to me? -- da wege.

A: No you silly goose. We'll start linking to you when you stop (or at least scale back) all your hysterical cross-eyed quasi-Communist ravings, the delusional conspiracy theories, and that tried and true practice of reflexively labeling those with whom you disagree as bigots or hatemongers (o/k/a intellectal laziness or inaptitude).

Fortunately for us, your cohort provides a stunningly clear example of the later in the thread to your question:

Our local right wing bloggers - like a frightening number of people in the world - hate who they're told to hate.

Yeah. That's accurate. But hey, if y'all want to play the 6 Degrees of Separation from Hitler / Pol Pot / Ghengis Khan Imputation Game, I'm sure that it wouldn't take a very long perusal through your link lists (or - in the case of MNob - 17 link lists) to find some real goodies.

As for the unelided swearing thing, we here at KAR have always been totally down with that. And Mitch links to me all time.

UPDATE: Welcome Norwegianity reader! Not sure where he got that this was a "reafirmation" of our love for Swiftee rather than the "don't throw Molitov Cocktails when you live in a cardboard box" post that it was intended to be. I'll just chalk it up to willful ignorance; that usually proves to be the best explanation.

And you'd be well advised to show some love - or at least indifference to - Swiftee, otherwise you might one day find yourself getting bitchslappped in a lonely alley behind a bar.

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