Thursday, August 31, 2006

LearnedFoot: The Vince Lombardi of Thunderjournalism

Hello everybody. Obnoxious Packer Guy here. I'd like to take this rare moment of sobriety and lucidity to pay homage to one of the greatest human beings on the planet: our own LearnedFoot.
Ever since exploding onto the thunderjournalism scene in the waning weeks of 2004, LearnedFoot has never failed to amuse, enlighten and inspire his adoring readers. His prolific work ethic, trademark style and stunning good looks never fail to astound those who first stumble upon this thunderjournal for the first time every day.

Now, there are those who would decry his sometimes abrasive style; who haughtily impugn his superior intellect; who might suspect his motives. To them I - OPG - say this: LearnedFoot has done nothing but stand up for the silent majority! People that run him down are special interest groups and insiders that LearnedFoot exposes! His analyses are always spot on, and he is scrupulously honest.

LearnedFoot is a bright shining light of excellence in a murky and often depressing thunderjournalsphere. I - OPG -hope you will all join me in raising your beer steins in honor of this wonderful human being!


THE HEAD OF ALFREDO GARCIA FAWNS: Let us melt down our gold jewelry and fillings, and build a gilded monument in LearnedFoot's image, so that we may better worship him!

NOTORIOUS B.I.L. SAYS: Tonight, I shall decorate a pie in his honor!

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