Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Me So Giddy

Stick a fork in 'em.

First, the Vikings lose their #1 pick for the season.

Then, in an elegant act of self-sabotage, a local media outlet prints this about the Vikes' projected #1 receiver on Aug. 9th:

Koren Robinson, a leader by example

It's his second year with the Vikings, but it's his first training camp. Receiver Koren Robinson was picked up after camp last season. He was fresh out of alcohol rehab and just trying to find normalcy in life.

Koren says, "I feel comfortable to a certain extent but not content as far as what I have going on off the field because I always have to stay mindful of my situation and what is going on with me."

Just trying to stay the course Koren broke free. He was selected to the Pro Bowl as a special teams player. He earned a new contract, and now he's the number one receiving option.


Koren is back to just being a football player though he doesn't shy away from the past, and recently it's been something to be proud of. He just celebrated 1-year of sobriety. "It just feels good. I'm trying to do the stuff on and off the field to be a better person and a better player."

It's an accomplishment that most people might never fully understand, but his teammates do. While talking to them one can see the trust and respect they have for him.


As Koren ends that day taking the time to sign an autograph for a young fan, it's obvious, now Koren is free to do all the stuff that comes naturally to him.

And what comes naturally to an alcoholic Viking? Well, this, on Aug. 16:

Vikings WR Koren Robinson was arrested Wednesday morning on suspicion for driving while impaired while returning to training camp. He's in jail as of early Wednesday morning.

For those of you who are not of the ilk of Syl Jones and Chad the Elder, the above linked source threw in some handy fantasy football draft advice for ya':

Robinson faces a shaky future with Minnesota. Signed to be their No. 1 receiver, the Vikings have behavior clauses that could get them out of Robinson's contract. It is likely that Robinson would be suspended again by the league, very possibly for a year, if he remains with the team. Take him off draft boards.

Tee hee.

So with the Vikings now out of contention, our thoughts turn to St. Brett (may peace be upon Him). He's scheduled a press conference for around 11:30.

Will he be retiring?

If so, does that mean that A-Rog is "ready" to play in da' NFL?

Will I be passed put in a puddle of my own drool by then?

If not, I shall liveblog.

Bears suck. Out.

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