Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Megamoron Mail

It's a good thing Dementee left the continent. Because if he were here, he would have read this letter (The Letter o' the Day, no less), popped a vessel, and then would have eaten one Bob "Che Guevarra is My Homie" Adams.

It almost defies fisking:

It's unfortunate that so many of this country's Cuban exiles are more interested in pursuing their political vendettas that they are in seeing a bright future for the Cuban people ("Cubans in Minnesota want a peaceful transition," Aug. 2).

"Exiles"? Try refugees.

"Bright future"?

That line becomes very very funny once you realize what this jellohead regards as "bright".

A significant portion of Miami's Cuban exile community consists of individuals whose families were displaced by the Cuban revolution. These families, along with prerevolution dictator Fulgencio Batista, were part of the Cuban elite.

And a significanter portion of that community consists of folks who were so taken by the quality of life afforded by the Glorious Revolution, that they floated accross 90 miles of open ocean in inner tubes.

This small fraction of the Cuban population owned virtually all of the island's land and possessed most of its wealth, while the majority of Cuban citizens lived in squalor.

And now they still live in squalor with shiny new rice cookers.

Then the revolution came, bringing with it such things as land reform and educational opportunity. Today, Cubans are entitled to a free postsecondary education.

With such an educated populace, you'd think that one of them would have figured out how to build a new car, so that they could all stop driving their '57 Studabakers.

Cuba has the highest literacy rate and the lowest infant mortality rate in Latin America.

Unfortunately, it also has the highest dissident mortality rate in Latin America.

It also provides its citizens with a level of medical care that would be the envy of many in this country.


CHUCK: How's work Bob? You like your new company?

BOB: It's alright. But you know, Chuck - I really envy your health plan.

My hope for the Cuban people is that they alone decide the course of their nation after Castro.

No. I'm sure Castro has already done that for them. But I suppose that's cool with you.


My fear is that the U.S. government and corporate America will take it upon themselves to fill the gap

Corporate America? Where's that? Is it near Jesusland?

leaving this beautiful island and its dignified inhabitants as a puppet state ripe for political and economic exploitation.

Sorry to read between the lines, but I can't help but infer from your letter that you had absolutely no problem with Cuba when it was a "puppet state" for the Soviet Union.

Irony can be so ironic sometimes.


Get out of my country you twit.

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