Thursday, August 17, 2006

Moron Mail of the Day

Really. The Strib should just start calling the "Letter of the Day" Moron Mail. It's gotten that bad:

Who is served by imprisoning Sara Jane Olson

Like I said: "that bad."

The portrait of prisoner Sara Jane Olson, formerly Kathleen Soliah (Star Tribune, Aug. 14), demonstrated just how much of a waste the penal system can be.

And Sara Jane Olson can show what a waste of flesh some people can be.

Make a mental note about how this jerk used the phrase "penal system." We'll come back to that.

It is easy for a prisoner to claim remorse and rehabilitation after the fact. What makes Olson unique is she demonstrated personal excellence in the decades she spent as a St. Paul housewife.

"Demonstrated personal excellence" = "Raised money for the DFL and other liberal causes".

Now she sits in an overcrowded prison at taxpayer expense.


And what is accomplished?

Punishment. That's the point of the penal system, right? If you think about it just a little bit (are you even capable of that?) you'll notice that "penal" comprises the first five letters in the word "penalty".

There's a connection there. Think about it.


A husband and daughters see their wife and mother a few times a year. Meanwhile, Olson passes the days by picking up trash and watching television.

There. You just answered your own question: she picks up trash.

Even more ridiculous,

Don't you mean "rediculous?"

she is classified as an intensely supervised inmate, an escape threat and a potential danger to the general public.

She's considered a threat to the public because:

a) She helped bomb police cars;

b) She participated in an armed robery that left a person dead; and

c) She raised money for the DFL and other liberal causes.

(Oh snap!)

Criminal justice advocates argue that Olson got what she deserved.

Can I take that to mean, then, that you are a "criminal justice opponent"?

Her supporters maintain that she never even should have been prosecuted. Many others don't remember the turbulent 1970s and probably don't care one way or the other.

OK. Let's apply that logic:

Ken Lay, Jeff Skilling and the others committed their crimes during the Gogo '90s, therfore, they never should have been prosecuted.

And didn't at least one of those corrupt corporate officers apologize?


Whatever one's position, you must admit that Olson's present situation is one of pure waste, with nothing being accomplished whatsoever.

Soliah should have thought of that before associating herself with the SLA. The only peson who's wasting anything is Soliah Maybe the DFL and the other liberal causes she raised money for should give back that money to fund her incarceration.

Very sad.

Not as sad as this letter.



This guy lives by me.

Which is scary when you think about it. If the only reason for prison is for rehabilatative purposes, as Kookball here seems to think, then it's not hard to imagine the day when Amy Klobuchar's office starts prosecuting people for voting Republican.

Well, not me. I live in Dakota County.

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