Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Moron Mail

Today's batch is such a fetid bunch, I'm just going to stick my hand into the hopper and see which one oozes out.

Oh, here's an example of that "nuanced" thinking lefties pride themselves on:

Israel apologists

I am disappointed, but not surprised, by our politicians' knee-jerk, unqualified endorsement of Israel's war against Lebanon -- and it is Lebanon and its people, not Hezbollah, which are taking the beating.

Well, if the Hezbollans would stop hiding behind the Lebanese...

They repeat the mantra that Israel is entitled to defend itself. But the capture of two Israeli soldiers and the killing of another by Hezbollah -- while clearly a provocation -- does not justify the bombing campaign on Beirut, other cities and the country's transportation infrastructure.

So you admit it was a provocation? Cool. Then why go on to excoriate them for attacking where the Hezbullanians are? Should Israel have bombed Sicily instead?

Please, throw us a bone here.

This campaign may lead to the collapse of the Lebanese government, which until a few weeks ago was one of the few hopeful signs for democracy in the Middle East.


The Lebanese government could help the Israelis kill them. If memory serves (and I realize I'm going back quite a ways here: like a month or two), Israel was being a right nice neighbor to Lebanon until the Hizzies got all up in their grill.

When your house has termites, you don't turn around and side with the termites when the exterminator accidentally knocks over a lamp, do you?

Sorry. I wasn't being very "nuanced" there. I'll stop.

Hezbollah's missile barrage on Haifa and other cities must also be condemned and stopped, but I see no moral difference between bombs dropped on civilian populations in Lebanon and missiles aimed at cities in Israel; both are a form of terrorism against civilian populations.

You don't see a moral difference? Funny. Those with functioning brains do. But since yours seems to be on the fritz, here's an easy-to-understand graphic depiction of the "moral difference" between the two. (Don't be afraid to click that link - by "graphic," I mean "a drawing.")

It seems pretty straight-forward to me. But what do I know? I'm just jerking my knee and being a good Tool of the Zionists.



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